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Do You Look Like Your Dog?





If you think you do, you're invited to join the DO YOU LOOK LIKETM YOUR DOG? 
competition by sending in your photo or video, which will be featured on our Website.

You’ll be entered in our 2011 competition, with an opportunity for cash awards and prizes provided by our sponsors. You may be featured in our next DO YOU LOOK LIKETM YOUR DOG book or game, or be invited to be a guest on our planned DO YOU LOOK LIKETM YOUR DOG? TV reality/game show.

There will also be possibilities for licensing your photos in different media, such as calendars, posters, and greeting cards, in which case we will share any funds we receive with you. And if your videos are licensed, such as for mobile phones and interactive devices, we will similarly share any funds we receive with you.

We also invite you to participate in our DO YOU LOOK LIKETM YOUR DOG?
song competition to create new music in any style. You can see a copy of our original version along with the lyrics here or on YouTube or other video. Submit an MP3 with your music – and if your music is selected for a recording, you’ll share in those proceeds, too.

We are now hosting DO YOU LOOK LIKETM YOUR DOG Fashion Shows featuring contestants who dress up like their dogs.  We held our first one December 4 in Oakland, and plan to have more in starting in the Spring of 2011.  You can see our photos from the first event at our link on Facebook and a news video of the event taken by Oakland North. 

We have plans for a TV series, Web series, and documentary, too.  Let us know if interested in working with us on developing this.

We plan to tie-in with other events for dogs and pets in each city.  These parties will feature dog and owner fashion shows, DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG contests and prizes, and other fun activities.

Or simply explore our Website. You’ll see:
- photos of hundreds of previous and current photo entrants
- videos of the latest video entrants
- information on our DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG?
book and game, which are available through Amazon and other sources
- information on our What Kind of Dog Are You? Workshops
- research on the World of Dogs
- our latest PR and Media
- links to fun sites and sponsors
- dog quotes and jokes
- dog arts
- our
online store

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, click here.

And if you think you look like your mate or cat, visit those sites and send us your picture. We have plans to start DO YOU LOOK LIKETM YOUR MATE, CAT, PET, and other kinds of look alike parties soon.

"Do You Look Like" is a trademark of Creative Communications & Research.

The Do You Look LikeTM Your Dog? Contest is free to enter. People who look like their dogs can send us a picture or video and you're entered. All breeds, mixed breeds, and mutts welcome.



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