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Do You Look Like Your Dog?

TV Shows
Do You Look Like® Your Dog? is being turned into a TV Game and Reality Show

We are working on developing a TV game and reality show and various Internet and mobile phone features, now that the new Do You Look Like
® Your Dog? game has been published by Briarpatch, plus there is a Do You Look Like Your Dog book and song.  And we will be starting a series of Do You Look Like Your Dog parties, with prizes, sponsors, and lots of contestants who think they look like their dog.

As for the ®, we have gotten a registered trademark for the "Do You Look Like
" mark.

So send in your photos or videos if you look like your dog or know anyone who does.  There will now be an ongoing competition, with prizes from sponsors, licensing opportunities with producers, production companies, manufacturers, and studios, and opportunities to be one of the semi-finalists or finalists appearing on the TV game and reality show. Stay tuned for more details!

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