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Do You Look Like Your Dog?


Introducing the Do You Look® Like Your Dog? Game

Imagine telling your best friend that she reminds you of a Schnauzer? In this outrageous game, people match dogs to owners and owners to dogs, and try to earn bones from other players, who vote on the best matches. Each player has 30 seconds to state their case and bury their bones. Just when you think you are home free, you may find your opponent sneaking into your dog house , stealing your bones...and referring to you as a Shitzu. In the end, everyone's bark is worse than their bite. Contents: game board, 20 Dog Owners Cards, 20 Dog Cards, 4 Go to the Dog House Cards, 32 Dog Bones (voting chips), 4 tokens with plastic bases, 1 die, and game rules. Ages 7+. For 3 to 4 players.


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