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Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Entering Contest


If you'd like to submit your photo or video for consideration for our next Do You Look Like® Your Dog? book, game, or TV reality/game show, please fill in your details and message below. We'll post your photo or video on the Web and your photo or video will also be entered in our next contest, which we are launching now. Plans for Do You Look Like Your Dog? parties, TV shows, Internet features, and licensing arrangements are now being set up. 

If your photo or video is used by any of the producers or licensors we enter into agreements with, you will share any income with us for that photo or video.  You will receive a more specific agreement for being a participant on the TV show.

You can copy and paste this agreement into an e-mail and send it to us at looklikedog@pacbell.net. 

In submitting your photo or video, it is understood that we may feature the photo or video of you and your dog on our Website and include your photo along with a collection of photos for a book or game.  In the case of other uses where your photo or video is licensed and we receive income from this use from licensors, you or the copyright holder of the photo or video will share in the income we receive from that producer or licensor.  It is understood that you will make any necessary arrangements with the copyright holder if this is other than yourself, so that we can make any licensing arrangements for the photo or video directly with you.

Please email the photo or video to looklikedog@pacball.net

Yes, please enter my photo or video in the DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DOG? contest. I agree that you may post my photo or video on your Website and use it in promoting the Do You Look Like Your Dog? Website and contest and in a collection of photos, such as for a book. I understand that I will share in any proceeds if my photo or video is licensed for other purposes.
I agree
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Please email the photo or video to looklikedog@pacball.net

Do You Look Like® Your Dog is a division of CHANGEMAKERS PRODUCTIONS.  Here's our contact information. We shift our offices between Los Angeles and Oakland, and we will have a message on our phone to call our other number if we are at our other location.

Do You Look Like Your Dog
425 Broadway, #115 . Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 943-7541 . Fax: (310) 451-1260
6114 La Salle, #358 . Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 339-1625 . Fax: (510) 339-1626


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