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Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Latest News
Now that it is almost 5 years since the first Do You Look LikeTM Your Dog was published by Broadway/Random House in 2004, and a new edition was published by ASJA Press in 2008, we are seeking photos for the next book which will include color photos. 

Plus we are now seeking videos which will not only be posted on this Website, but featured in other venues, such as on mobile phones, other Internet sites, YouTube, at Do You Look Like Your Dog parties, and more.  Also a TV show is in the works featuring the winners of the Do You Look LikeTM Your Dog photo and video contests.

The first book has gotten a great response from the media, including appearances on Good Morning America, radio interviews, and newspaper and magazine features.  Plans for a Do You Look LikeTM Your Dog TV Show are moving ahead, too.   We now have several producers interested in putting these videos on mobile phones or featuring contestants in a Do You Look LikeTM Your TV Show.

Because of these arrangements, we now have an open contest deadline and will be providing some prizes at our Do You Look LikeTM Your Dog parties, which will kick off in January 2009 in L.A.  This will also be a chance to get a video taken by one of our videographers.

We are now seeking sponsors to donate prizes for the contest winners and entrants.  We we are promoting them by featuring their prizes, along with links to their sites.  

Additionally, we are offering the first Do You Look LikeTM Your Dog products, which include customized T-shirts and an album of dog songs.  More products coming soon.

We are also working on a number of spin-off projects, such as calendars, postcards, and posters.  

Another spin-off is a new personality system for understanding yourself and others based on what dogs you each like best and least.  It's called What Kind of Dog Are You? It's a fun way to better understand yourself and others and improve relationships at work and in your personal life.

It makes a great social mixer, too.  For more details on the program, see the What Kind of Dog Are You? website. You can even hear the What Kind of Dog Are You? song at the site.

In case you are wondering about the "TM" in our name, that's because we have applied for and were recently approved for a trademark for the "Do You Look Like" mark.

Our companion sites include Do You Look Like Your Cat?, Do You Look Like Your Mate? and Do You Look Like Your Lover? We have started to get in our first photos for these, and we invite you to send in your photos and videos. 

So please send in your photos and videos for the contest and for consideration for the book, Internet, TV show, and licensing deals based on these sites.

We have also developed a series of Do You Look Like Your Dog art pieces, which range from 18"x24" to 30"x 40" framed works.  These are being entered in art gallery exhibitions, such as one piece with 60 entries from around the world.  

Another project is a research study comparing the owners of different types of dogs (starting with Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies).  Another project features communities of dog owners and organizations on the Internet.   Details area at World of Dogs.

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