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Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Latest Photo Entrants
Latest Video Entrants
We are now launching a new Do You Look Like® Your Dog Photo and Video Competition, with all photos and videos up for consideration for our future books, games, TV show, documentary, mobile phones, licensing program, and more.  Besides awards provided by sponsors, we will be sharing any royalties and other fees we get for particular photos or videos.  Plus there will be opportunities for media exposure as we set up local and nat
ional guest appearances. (For example, three owners and their dogs appeared on Good Morning America after the book came out).  To see our past photo submittals, click here.

And now you can see our first video submittals in the two contest formats -- short 30 second videos and longer 1 to 2 minute videos.  Just open up in a QuickTime or other player for mp4 formats, and then click play.

To submit your own photos or videos, go to our contact page, fill out the agreement form, and send them in.  We'll post them on the Website and include them in our contest and licensing program.



From Logan Leistikow:

30 Second Features

Bulldog Brotherhood
Meet My Master
Prima Donna Doggy

1 1/2 Minute Feature

Adam and His Bulldog

From Matt Prine:

30 Second Features

The Pom Pom Poodle
Hair of the Dog
Have Gaby, Will Travel
1 1/2 Minute Feature
Judy and Her Toy Poodle

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